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Cooling a small box in the attic

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I just moved into a house that has about a dozen Cat5e cables with RJ45 terminations gathered into one spot in the attic, where it awaits a network switch to tie everything together. I put a remote temperature sensor up there and it hit 130 degrees with it being only 92 degrees outside. I had a fan blowing on it too. When the dog days of summer hit, it will only get worse. My network switch is rated at a max operating temp of 122 degrees.

I looked at extending the dozen Cat5e cables down through the ceiling into a nearby closet, but then I thought, "why suffer the signal loss of extending the cables with female-to-female couplers when there's a freakin' air conditioner and duct work within 3 feet of the switch location. I thought it might be either clever or ridiculously stupid to put the switch in a small enclosure and somehow tap into the existing AC duct work to cool the case. The case would only be about 12" wide x 8" deep x 3" high. Could a small hose be run from a nearby duct into the enclosure? How would I manage air flow within the enclosure?

Completely clueless,

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I've been considering a similar thing in my attic to enclose a switch, wireless AP, and some audio/HA stuff. My plan is to build an insulated box and use a couple of inline duct fans to exchange air between the box and the conditioned space of a closet below. A temp sensor would turn the fans on and off when needed.

Just wanted to throw that out there in case you wanted to reconsider..

Though if all you're ever going to need up there is a switch, then extending the data lines is probably a lot less work, and cheaper.

You can always get a CAT5e rated punch block and extend the lines that way. It's a little more involved than using F-F couplers, but I've had some bad experiences with those types of couplers (spotty connections, noise on the line if/when they're moved).

Eh, maybe we're both out to lunch.. :thumbup:

That's downright hilarious! I wish I had a Fry's around here so I could pick some up for the patch panels in my office.. That would give the next cable guy/phone tech a good laugh.

Hope you got 'em reeeaaal cheap though.

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