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We have a bonus room over garage which is tough to cool in the summer.

have received two bids to:

a. replace ac, coil, air handler and furnace for main level (all 12+ years old)
b. do massive rerouting of ductwork, including removing ducting going to bonus room and its bath
b. put a heat pump outside with associated air handler in the attic to handle bath and bed/bonus room as separate zone

Can't pull the trigger because:

a. it's not cheap
b. the attic will still get very hot and a heat pump is attacking a symptom and not the problem (heat xfr through uninsulated cathedral type roof)
c. fear that the noise & vibration from an air handler, which will most likely land in the space above the master, will be unacceptable

I looked into spray foam insulation for frame bays in roof space in attic - don't think that will be cheap at all, something like $5K or more.

Thinking of buying some of that pink board insulation and placing it around the bonus room. the frame bays are already packed with insulation so I'd nail boards around the structure from inside the attic - the bath and bdrm upstairs stand as almost separate units built inside of attic.

Additionally, maybe the cheapest/best solution is simply to buy a portable room a/c for the summer (covenants don't allow in window unit so it has to be portable type).

What other considerations are there and are my concerns about noise etc. genuine, overblown or maybe how would y'all attack the problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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