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The Power Roller/Sprayer is just a powered version of the old pump roller. It may save you 10 or 15 mintes total of going back to the rolling tray but costs you over half an hour cleaning that damn thing out. No rolling pole atachment.

That color helper looks pretty cool, but they were using it on multi-color fabrick and on a marble, so who knows what portion it was picking up.

That quick key roller for cutting in trim will work like all the others. It will do good for about 8 feet or so untill paint finally gets on the edge, and then on your trim.

Did you see the absolutely disastorous finish that paint tripper left on the cedar siding? Ugg.... Now you need to buy the sander that goes along with it. You wood better be in really good shape or that thing will destroy it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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