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Cooktop Wiring Question

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I recently purchased a cooktop that has three wires
Black, White and Green

The wires on the home outlet are
Black, Red, White and ground copper

How do I go about connecting this cooktop? 7200/60hz.

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That sounds as if it is the case. Do you have the spec sheet on the cooktop? Link us to it if you can, or tell us what the voltage and amperage requirements are.
Attached is all the information I have.


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OK, good. Cap off the white from the wall, connect the red to the white from your cooktop, connect the black to the black to your cooktop and connect the green/grounds. The white was there as a neutral in case the product had a need for 120 volts, such as a clock or lighting. Your cooktop has none, so just use the red and black.
Right on point of what I was thinking. Thank you very much. I made the change earlier and it's now working as it should. Thank you all for you help on this.
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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