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Converting copper to schedule 40 pvc

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I have a double check valve assembly for my sprinkler system, installed by a plumber. I am planning to do all the work after the DCVA myself, in PVC. THe DVCA has a female 1" threaded copper connection on the outlet.

How do I go from that to PVC? Can I screw in a PVC adapter right into the copper (the adapter would be male 1" threaded to female 1" slip).

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You mean male on the PVC adapter end, right?

Like...if situation were reversed and the DCVA had a male threaded end, you'd have me convert male to female with copper, then screw in male PVC threaded?
PVC Female to PVC male....that's ok, right?
OK, got it.

What about PVC unions. They OK? I want to put them after each of my valves so I can disconnect them and take them inside (along with the whole manifold) for the winter.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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