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Converting copper to schedule 40 pvc

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I have a double check valve assembly for my sprinkler system, installed by a plumber. I am planning to do all the work after the DCVA myself, in PVC. THe DVCA has a female 1" threaded copper connection on the outlet.

How do I go from that to PVC? Can I screw in a PVC adapter right into the copper (the adapter would be male 1" threaded to female 1" slip).

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Using a male adapter should be fine. I have seen problems with female PVC adapters, and some areas do not allow them. They have a habit of leaking and cracking.
YUP. PVC female adapters are easily over-tightened and crack fast. I hand tightened one and had a leak. When I removed it, crack was apparent and I did not force it by hand.
If both lines are PVC, they should be glued. Female PVC adapters are a problem. If you want to take the chance of a leak, use the female adapter.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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