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converting 12 v light fixture to 110

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T5 wedge type 12 volt bulb

I have a light fixture which is rated for 120 volts but currently has a 12 volt T5 wedge type bulb in it (921) Does anyone know what the proper bulb number/name would be for 120 volt bulb? I have been told by an electrician that since the fixture is rated for 120 V, I just need to find the proper bulb to make it work. Any one know what the bulb would be OR where I can find a "table" that would let me import the 12 V info and provide me with 120 V equivalents? Thanks
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Note that the wattage you are going to use should not exceed the wattage of the original 12 volt lamp. You will need to replace the lamp socket, also, with a socket used for 120 volt lamps.

Still, you will void the Underwriters Laboratories or other safety rating of the fixtures and if you shoul have a fire, the insurance might not cover. For this and other reasons, they do not make conversion kits (except for fixtures that are really dual voltage); you would have to jury rig the new socket and other applicable parts.
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