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Convert 3-way switches to single z-wave?

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I have a few 3-way switches that control outdoor flood lights around my home. I would like to replace these switches with Z-wave enabled switches to add to my home automation system. The GE branded switches I'm looking at require you to replace the main switch with a ~$50 switch, then the "slave" with an special add-on ~$20 switch. This makes it an expensive conversion.
The primary switches are in the living room and the 2nd set of switches are in a back bedroom on the other end of the house, and hardly ever get used.
Can I just disconnect the "traveler" wire on the switches in the living room and replace them with single z-wave switches? (understood, this would render the slave switches inoperable).
I have not yet opened up the switches to look at the wires. Wanted to float the question first, to see if it's an option.
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Unless you've got some weird 3-ways, (California, suicide, what have you) I think it should work.

Because all those switches need are hot, neutral and ground, right? And load of course
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