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connecting icemaker line to water supply

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Hi. This is my first post. I've been successful in many plumbing projects, however, I have a few questions with hooking up this ice maker for the first time. Please see picture attachment.

There is a strange looking shut off valve located at the base board behind refrig. It has 3 openings; a saddle ('T') valve connected to it with the plastic white tubing from refrig, and a half-turn angle valve attached to it ,straight on, and the last opening is just exposed.

The closest water supply is the kitchen sink, 6 feet away on adjacent wall.
1. Does copper line need to run from refrig to shut off valve?
2 How do I handle the shut off valve connections? I was told it has not been used in years.
2. Is ok to run braided line under kitchen floor in crawl space? or is there a risk of it freezing?
3. Since the kitchen compression valve does not have a dual opening, give me some of your tips with replacing it.
4. Is this going to be a nightmare?!
Thank you for your time.


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No problem just take your time. shut the water supply off under the sink and install a new valve under the sink ( a ball valve) remove all the old line, valves, etc,etc,
Install a new copper line to the ice maker line on the back =of the refrigerator and support it with a little strap through the small screw holes. Make several loops in the copper about two feet each(like a slinky toy) so you can pull the refrigerator out for servicing and cleaning coils.
Open valve check for leaks and throw away the first couple dumps of ice
The closest water supply is the kitchen sink, 6 feet away on adjacent wall.
Isnt the closest water supply right where that saddle valve is attached to? Is the ice maker you want to run water to the ice maker on your refrigerator?
You do not need Cooper line running to ice make. Plastic will do just fine.
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What about the braided tubing to run via the crawl space? and Why does the shut off valve have a turn valve and a saddle valve?
Yes, ice maker is in refrig. The shut off valve is right behind it.
It has 3 openings; a saddle ('T') valve connected to it with the plastic white tubing from refrig.
Dont understand your post. You say you want to hook up an icemaker. You also say the plastic tubing in the photo is going to the fridge. Why cant you use this plastic tubing?
That old connection is a mess---the saddle valves fail more often than not----it is installed so close to the abandoned old compression valve that replacing the compression valve might well make the saddle valve leak----

Is there an easier place to add an new 1/4 turn ball valve shut off?

I would suggest leaving that mess alone or capping it off and looking elsewhere for a feed line---
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i would replace that. it is going to leak, sooner or later.
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This looks pretty bad to me, and I would not live with it. It is hard to tell what is going on here other than you have a right angle supply valve that should go, a tap-on that should go and probably plumbing that should go. Is your piping copper? its really hard to tell.
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