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Connecting footers and walls with addition.

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Hello all,

I am drawing the plans for a 600-700 addition for my mother and grandmother. Anyhow, the house I am currently in is an old 60's double, solid, brick. I still have to dig a little to find out how deep the old foundation is but am not sure how to connect to the new.

The new one will be a 2 foot wide by 1 foot high footer (with rebar obviously). Depending on the current foundation, it will go up with 3 or 4 rows of block. The footer will probably be a trench footer and I will probably pour the block and slab at the same time.

Problem is attaching the footer and also concern for placement of the block going up beside the house. The addition will be 2x6 ...I don't want moisture problems between these two. I was thinking either drilling holes in the old footer and epoxy some rebar or bolts for the footer? I still am not sure about the block. If I put it against the brick and come up with wood will there be a moisture problem?
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I don't quite comprehend the concern with leakage at the block wall to bick transistion. Isn't it all below the living space, assuming you're pouring a floor on top? If so, there's nothing to worry about, but be sure to use a good vapor barrier under the concrete floor..........
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