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I am a handy home owner who would like to build a bathroom in my basement. I have only done minor plumbing at home. Here are some pictures of what the basement floor looks like. I was told by my home inspector that this is a rough-in but I don't know which pipes are for what. Do you know?

Here are some pics, in the rectangular shaped hole there is a 4" capped pipe, in one of the round holes there is another 4" capped drain then there is the long pipe sticking up but in the other 2 holes there is nothing inside.


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That's kind of unusual. The orange capped pipe is probably a toilet.
The can located above it- tucked to the corner might be a shower.
The rest of it- I couldn't guess. Are the walls located per the drawings? The reason I ask is when you see a box out in the slab- you assume a tub or shower goes there but yours is in front of a door.
Have you dug down in the cans yet?
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