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confirming plan for removing recessed lights and installing LED lighting

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Hi -

Newbie to the forum- lots of great info!

Here is my situation - want to confirm that my thinking is on the right track. Recently had countertops and columns / pillars installed in a basement bar. see photo. The two can lights are centered in the bay, but now with the counter and pillar trim installed, they are not centered on that area and it doesn't look right.

What I think I will do is install LED lighting behind the valance and also remove the can lights and drywall the holes where the can lights were. The can lights are new construction types.

What I want to confirm is:

I CAN NOT have a junction box hidden in the ceiling; either need to have a junction box and plate where the can lights are now OR need to pull wire from the current switch for the lights and eliminate need for a junction box.

Any other options? I am I would say a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of DYI ability (wife says I am a 2). Maybe this is beyond my skills...




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Hi joed - great idea - I will need to investigate that. I hope that is the case as pulling wires is not my forte
joed - you are a GENIUS! That is exactly what I can do; there is enough slack in wire to the first can to run to where I need it.

Behind the valance is a horizonal piece of wood trim; above that is drywall. I will mount a junction box in the horizontal wood and then either hard wire the LED lighting or install an outlet if that is what the LED requires.

thanks for your help
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