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Conduit tubes for Structure Wiring Codes

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Hey everyone!

Alright I have a question...I'll try my best to explain the issue clearly so please bear with me...

So in this two story house, the master bedroom is just right above the garage. When entering the garage from inside the home, you have to pass through this small room designated as the laundry room.
It's pretty much a straight shot through the laundry room open then door and then into the garage.

So right now I currently have access to the ceiling space right above the laundry room. My problem is...I'm wiring two sets of structured wiring( 2x Cat 6 and 2x RG-6 wires), from inside the house into the side of the garage where the TV and Phone lines come in.

So in the ceiling, I have to horizontally penetrate through a 4x6 beam, insullation, and then Sheetrock in order to get into the garage. The opening will be right above the laundry door going into the garage.

I'm thinking of putting a short 1 1/2" PVC conduit tube through the whole with glued couplings at each end to prevent it from sliding back and forth. It will be like a straw whole for the wires to come out of. In the garage side, the conduit tube will just stick out of the wall about no more than 2-4 inches.
Once the wires are through, I plan to caulk the edge on the sheet rock hole where the conduit tube is comes through, as well as using insullation foam inside of the conduit tube.

What's your opinion on this? Good? Bad? DON'T DO IT?
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yes i was more worried about the fumes from garage like CO from the car...but now that you speak of the fire break thing...I don't know if this will be such a great idea after all... but unfortunately i think the only other method would be to tear down some of the sheetrock in the garage so that i can pull it through the stud beams.

Once I get the wires into the garage, I will loop it out of the conduit tube and run it along the corners of the ceilings all the way to the side of the garage and then drop it straight down along the wall. From there I will make some sort of junction box that will bring the outside cable and telephone wires in and wire it all up in the box.
yeah the beam seems to be a 4x6 beam. I'll drill directly in the middle and put some of those metal tie brackets above and below the 1 1/2" hole.

Now regarding the brackets, I'm only able to get access to only one side of the bream. I guess it's better than nothing right?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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