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Conduit for low voltage run between floors

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Hi All,

I am wiring a TV area which is against a masonry wall. The area is framed out a bit so the final wall will stick out about 6" into the room.

I would like to futureproof the space a bit by running 1 1/4" conduit down through the floor into the basement, so that I can pass low voltage wiring (coax , CAT5, phone, whatever) up into the space behind the final wall. I will frame in a little access panel so that I can grab the wires.

is this permissible by code? I don't believe there is an electrical safety issue at play but I am not sure if there is a fire code risk there and whether it can be mitigated. I'd like to use PVC cable if at all possible but not sure if that will fly either. Appreciate any advice on offer!

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