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can i get some feedback on experiences with natural gas 'condensing' tankless water heaters?
i need one of the bigger units, 199,000btuh, to handle about 3showers, worst case, in northern nj (they say winter water temp = 45deg), and if i assume 120F output, that's a 75deg rise.
if all that seems reasonable, it says i could get by with either of these:
- noritz nrc1111 dv-ng
- navien nr-240a
- bosch c1210es
if you compare flow rate graphs, it seems the navien is the best.

now, over at the plumbingzone, both navien (in the past) and bosch, seem to be 'disliked'. but i don't know if any of that still applies to these units? maybe navien and bosch have licked their problems?

does anyone have experience with these units? or maybe a preference based on experience with a couple of them? or maybe a different condensing unit manufacturer that has really impressed you?

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