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Condensing furnace not condensing??

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Hello all and a Happy 2013 to all.

My question is a simple one. My early 2000's Lennox Merit 90UGF doesn't seem to be producing any water out of it's condesate drain. No other wate leaks in furnace bay. Is this normal?

And yes the drain line is clear and properly routed too.
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Check air filter.
It's clean, just some dust buildup
Too ow of air flow, over over firing can cause no condensate.
Ok, that makes sense. I had a gas man come last year and he made an adjustment with a really old manometer (not digital) and he bumped up the pressue a 1/4 turn so now it's probably over firing. Which way turning the screw reduces pressure?
Should only be adjusted using a manometer.

I still have a couple old ones. And they work as well as any of my newer ones.

Don't assume its over fired. check it with a manometer, or have someone check it. under firing is as bad as over firing.
Ok thanks, im going to do a meter clocking asap.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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