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Condenser fan not working

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Replaced the old capacitor, which tested well below spec. Fan started up and ran for a few days before again failing to start spinning. (compressor working properly this entire time). Replaced fan motor. New fan started up and ran for a few days before again failing to start. I've ordered a new contactor.

1) Can the contactor prevent the fan from starting while allowing the compressor to start?

2) Any ideas on next steps? I assume that I have power reaching the unit as it starts up, albeit intermittently. Also assuming low voltage is ok as well since it's activating compressor.

thanks for any suggestions.
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It is a heat pump.

Replaced capacitor with same specs.

Confident that I have power getting to fan motor as it started up immediately, at least initially. Will confirm.

I'm leaning toward a failed defrost control board. I just watched a youtube video in which the tech bypassed the board and plugged the lead directly to the contactor. Will likely try that.
Confirmed bad defrost control board.

To answer my own question earlier, there is only one plunger on the contactor. So power either gets through to both the fan and compressor or it doesn't. So the fact that the compressor was turning on eliminated contactor and low voltage wire as possible issues.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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