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Hey everyone. I have a Bryant A/C condenser outside of my house and it's having issues...ugh. I realized the furnace blower was going but air was not cold, so went outside and sure enough the condenser fan wasn't running. I reset the breaker to get it going and hear the compressor kick on, but the fan just started barely turning...maybe turned 10 degrees.

So i grabbed a stick and gave it a kick start and it actually spun up to speed. Couldn't tell if it was going normal speed but it sustained it for about 45 seconds before it gave up and spun back down again.

The capacitor was replaced last year and it's not bulged at all. I'm thinking it's a bad fan motor possibly. Does this sound right? Could it still be the capacitor? Any tips on how to check for this to confirm and of course what's the best course for plug and play of a new motor? It's a GE motors 1/4hp, 1.4A, 1100rpm jobby.

thanks in advance!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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