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condensation problem along duct work

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I posted this on the end of an old thread with a similar problem but thought I ought to repost it as its own thread. My house is a beach house, built on 8' pilings. The area under the house is open. Yesterday was hot and humid and we had the A/C on. I noticed some condensation on the exterior surface of the brownboard under the house today that corresponds to where the HVAC duct work is located. What would cause this and what is the solution? I questioned the insulation of the ducts when the builder was enclosing the ducts (I questioned whether there was sufficient insulation around the ducts since he didn't completely wrap them) but the builder blew me off and said they'd be fine. Is this what is causing the problem? I live in the mid-atlantic region so we have hot summers and cold winters.

Any observations/suggestions would be appreciated.
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The ducts are not adequately insulated. If they are used for heat, you're losing a large amount due to the lack of insulation.
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