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Condensation on Windows inside

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My two basement windows are having condensation on the inside of the house where I have to wipe it everytime. The basement is finished and there are a heat vent within a couple of feet from the windows. They are in two separate rooms. The room's humidity is around 25%. These window are usually closed off with wooden blind doors as seen in one pic on located onthe side of the windows. No other windows in the house does this. These windows are about 18 years old. I have to since turned off the house's humidifier with no luck. It is about 15-25 degrees outside while indoor temp is about 78-80. Are these windows comprismised? What can I do??


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Holy crap, you keep your indoor temps at 78-80 degrees?
Anyway, I don't know what you mean by "comprismised", but installing storm windows will probably resolve that. You can get either interior or exterior storm windows, since it looks like you don't open that window anyway, it should be easy installing something to use as a storm window (you could even make your own out of Plexiglas).

As a quick fix, you could just put some of that plastic window film on the inside, you can find it in any hardware store or home center.
78-80*? Why do you have it so hot in there?
Is that single pane glass? If so, at those outside temps you are going to need it to be drier than a bone inside to keep condensation from occurring. Keeping those shutters closed will only make it worse as well.
Best way would be to get rid of those old windows.
Second best is to not block them off like that so the air can move and dry them out.
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I have to agree, I don't think there's much you can do if they are single pane. Also, it also means that you are losing a lot of your costly heat through those windows so It might be worth taking a look at replacing them at this point.
Open your yellow pages under glass companys. Stop by one and ask how much would you charge me installed two replacement windows. I'm thinking 500,
Good advice from everyone. Start with the cheaper solutions first.
- Keep the shutters open so air can circulate to see if that helps.
- Pick up some of that plastic window film. It will help but is a bit of a pain.
- Storm windows? In my opinion, if you are going to the trouble of obtaining storm windows, just have these ones replaced.
The problem with interior storms is that they will allow that moisture to migrate past, so the existing windows (and wood frames) are going to be covered in water/ice. If you want to go with storms, exterior would be advisable... That said, I still think window replacement might be your best bet based on the pics. If those units are only 18 yrs old, they have lived a pretty hard life.

If you have 0 budget to improve the situation, then as mentioned above, try improving the circulation there first, and if that doesn't help, the interior could be sealed with plastic.
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replace the windows , these windows have exceded thier life
glass block with a vent for basement windows are best for this applacation
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