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I have seen a few post on this but they where a while back.

I am currently finishing my basement. Its about 1300 sq ft and a one wall is below grade one is above grade and the two sides are half and half. Water has never been an issue. I glued 1/2 inch DOW foam board that has a reflective side facing in and taped all joints and spray foamed bigger gaps top and bottom. It was that way for a while with no problem with the framing about 1 inch away from the foam board. I have since placed r-13 in the joist and started drywalling. It was faced insulation so i took a razor knife to the facing of the insulation batts to eliminate double vapor barrier. I then drywalled the ceiling and all the walls that where below grade. (NO reason) I then drywalled the top of the wall around the rest of the basement that was above grade and a few pieces on a side wall. I have since noticed that there is condisation only where it is above grade and only top half of the wall is drywalled. Yes I check the rest by taking down and nothing there. I have also since tore off the facing of the rest of the batts. I am assuming that the foam board is a little cold from the Maryland winter on the concreate only being 1/2 inch and the basement stays between 61-64 most of the year and the warmer air got trapped behind the batts making condisation. Now my thing is since the walls that were wet only had half the drywall and the wall that were dry were fully drywalled (even one that was above grade) did the drywall help keep the warm air from reaching the foam board.
I can either let it dry and do all drywall at once. Or i can but 1 inch foam and glue it to the 1/2 and keep the wall warmer and just remove all batt insulation. The basement is never that cold so i guess i was going a little over board. I also ran a dehumidifer and its below 55% and there are two air returns for central air down there so the air is moving. Any advice.

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So did you put the foam board against all the walls or just the concrete?

Why did you frame your walls 1" away from your foam?

Please post pictures of everything that you have in question. I know most people think they can articulate their issues well because it sounds great in their own head but to someone who's never been in your basement its like being blind.
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