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condensate line for basement minisplit

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I am installing a 2 zone - 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. The outdoor unit IS below where the basement minisplit will sit on the wall. But the only place I can run the lineset, electrical and condensate lines in and out of the building is about 12 inches above where the basement minisplit will sit on the wall.

will the condensate line work like this or is there something special that needs to be donw in a case like this?
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Basic wall mount indoor units do not have a pump.
You’ll need to gravity feed the condensate our or install a pump, such as the mini orange pumps.
I should have said what I am wondering is if since outdoor is below it would still work (like if you had a rain catchment system off a roof the pipes in the run could fall below the entry to the tank since the source is higher then the tank)
No, the drain doesn’t work like that.
Placement of the outdoor unit doesn’t matter much.
The condensate drains off the coil into an open pan. Then gravity drains out of the pan and down the drain pipe.
If you want to go up, you need an aftermarket pump.
You'd make a trap in the pipe and back water up into the indoor head.
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What brand/model equipment is going to be installed?
Yup, you’ll need a pump or run the drain down from the head.
Gravity drain cannot go uphill from the head.
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