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to all i have turned this over to professionals for repair. regards fish96

i have determined that the drip pan is leaking. condensate pump is working and the pan drain spud as well as the drain line are clear. unit is approx 20 years old location nj.

the unit is a heil gas fired 867766041. the a/c unit that is served by the 'a' coil is heil 867800230. (both cellar location)

how do i gain access to the pan? is the pan a replacement item?

the furnace upon which the coil is mounted is on concrete bricks giving me a clearance of approx. 2 1/2 " downward movement.

the air trunk(vertical) that contains the coil is butted up against the ceiling joists of the first floor. no movement there.(cellar location)

the low pressure and high pressure a/c lines for the coil pass through holes created by installer in the air trunk.

it appears to me that i must disconnect the air trunk from the furnace for access.

this would entail removal of sheet metal screws securing the air trunk to the top of furnace, screws from air filter asssembly, disconnecting gas feed line for burner( turn off gas first), all electrical connections (turn off breaker first), support the air trunk, removal of bricks and removal of furnace unit to gain access.

so how am i doin'
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