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Condensate Drain line build-up and smell

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Since the AC is not running as much, I noticed a bad smell from one of two bathroom sinks in our new to us one story. This is the sink where the AC condensate drain empties. I put a bleach mixture in the sink and AC drain line. This seemed to help some, but the smell never really went away. I took off the “T” that the AC line connects to between the tailpiece and P-trap and found that the “T” was actually too far up on the sink tailpiece. This arrangement was apparently allowing condensate to drain enough (due to differences in diameters) but not too little to trip the upstairs drain line sensor or cause an overflow. This apparently has allowed moisture to remain in the drain line. This in turn caused a build-up of slime and sediment in the line. I cleaned out the trap, the flexible black hose that connects to the drain’s PVC stub and adjusted the “T” fitting. There is still a smell though not as strong.
What do you think about temporarily plugging the flexible line and using a specialty condensate line cleaner? My thought is to let it set a while then flush with warm water. If so, what would you recommend? Would something like Zep drain care (it’s an enzymatic build-up remover) work as well? I would follow this up with some tabs in the drain pan too.
I am open to any other ideas.
Thanks in advance
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