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Concrete Stain

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Hi There!
I was wondering if you could offer some insight on this concrete staining project I took on over a very old damaged floor.
I bought: Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain (Aqua Blue) and I’m on my second coat and a lot of areas are not taking the stain but others are. I know this is due to the poor concrete but I was hoping that the color would still absorb more.

I prepped the floors with a neutralizer that was recommended, same brand. We scrubbed the floor, let it dry completely. I applied 2 coats of the stain with a ratio of stain to water recommended so far and the results are underwhelming. I used a plastic sprayer suggested as well off Amazon. I even on the second coat mixed more stain to water to help get a less diluted mixture but still the stain wont stick to a lot of areas. When I applied the stain I made sure to really saturate the floor as well.
I am not sure where to go with this project now.

Could I pour some concrete paint in the areas where the stain isnt sticking and let it seep into the design to create a painted/stain combo marble look? I saw a video on “Dirty Pouring” with paint and epoxy and wondering if you can combine stain + paint then seal it together?
Not sure if this is something that I can do since I cannot find any examples online?

Thank you in advance!
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get back to you,,, idk where you got your advice but its not how we stain
probably didn't clean existing surface to the point it will accept new stain,,, 'neutralize' suggests you 1st acid-washed which is NEVER part of acid-staining as it uses up the conc's 'free lime' which is target material stains attack,,, right now, your best plan is to diamond grind the floor to 200 grit (depending on your goal ) & start anew
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