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Concrete sealer roller marks

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I recently acid stained a friend's floor. We applied a high gloss concrete sealer with rollers and , after two coats , the roller marks are still visible. The sealer didn't say anything about three coats but......does anyone have any idea if a third coat will hide the roller marks better?
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What kind of sealer did you use: water-based, solvent based,etc..? We usually use the black foam rollers on smooth floors, or a lambs wool with solvent to lay it on by hand. We also use hvlp sprayer on small jobs occasionaly. If it's water based, we usually roll 3 very thin coats on.
its not carpenter's work nor does it fall into the painting trade altho both want it,,, either strip the sealer & start again OR, if the sealer you used was solvent bas'd, you MIGHT get lucky if you roll on a coat or 2 of xylene,,, am really reluctant to offer anything more w/o knowing what mtls were used - thinking you might've gotten it at an apron store or sher-wms like any other amateur - h/o - diy-er,,, that's a mistake for someone who's a pro as none have anything of value to this craft.

did you happen to call customer svce # on the sealer can ? ? ? what'd they say ? ? ? ' gosh, we haven't had that problem before ! ! ! ' the reply ? we don't find water- bas'd sealers acceptable however they do have a place in residential work for the uninitiated-diy'er-h/o,,, they need wax, tho !

personally i'm not upset you tried to take our work as i often take carpenter's work about my homes :)
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