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Concrete Sealer For Home Patio & Sidewalk

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I am looking to clean up my concrete patio and sidewalks that are on my property. When I say sidewalks, I mean slabs of concrete that are maybe 3 feet by 4 feet in some areas of my property.

In some places, I have iron stains on it and what not. I'll clean that up. But, once I do I was wondering what I should purchase to seal the concrete?

I am debating if I should go with a natural look sealer? Or perhaps a wet look? Does the wet look sort of make the concrete pop or look nice?

What about the longevity of a good concrete sealer? What should I expect? I sort of like the idea of perhaps having to re-seal every few years. This way, I'm not locked into a particular product. If the sealer doesn't work or I don't like the results, I can then reapply a different sealer in a few years. So I am not sure if I should be looking for a permanent concrete sealer? Or just something to seal concrete for a few years?

Are most sealers removable if I make a mistake?

What ingredient is preferable for a good concrete sealer?

I was thinking about using either of these two product:

QUIKRETE Wet Look Sealer - High Gloss:

"High Gloss is a water-based, high gloss, siliconized acrylic clear sealer designed to water proof, seal and enhance the color of decorative concrete, masonry, pavers, brick and natural stone surfaces. Wet-look sealer–high gloss repels water and protects from oil, gasoline, grease, salts, acids, household chemicals, food stains and is UV resistant":

QUIKRETE Waterproffing Sealer - Natural Look:

"Natural Look is a water-based, silane-siloxaine formulation designed to waterproof and seal concrete, masonry, brick, pavers, and stucco surfaces. Waterproofing Sealer - Natural Look repels water and protects from oil, gasoline, grease, salts and UV rays without changing the appearance of the substrate":

The only permanent concrete sealer that I know of is RadonSeal. But I'm not sure how good it is:

Does anyone recommend using the QUICKRETE sealers? Or is there something else I should consider in place of it?
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From what I can tell so far, it looks like a good water repellant for concrete seems to be any product that has Silane Siloxane.
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