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Concrete relief cuts?

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On a 16x20 foot 6 inch thick pad with remesh in it, how deep do I need to make the relief cuts?
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we'd make 1 cut the 20' length & 1 cut the short 16' width which will effectively divide the slab into 8' x 10' pieces,,, we would also saw 2" deep the same day of the pour,,, all that being said, concrete knows no particular time WHEN the contractions joints need to be done OTHER than when its the right time :huh: what that means is experience tells 1 when to saw,,, we use an asphalt blade for wet OR dry sawing however we also mist the blade when dry sawing.

mesh MUST be placed at the vertical midpoint +/- 5% ( .333" ),,, mesh will add strength to the conc making it more resistant to the force of tension,,, after the conc has cured, mesh only holds the broken pieces together :yes:
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