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concrete porch slab questions

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I'm doing a new front porch entry and have some questions about the concrete slab. The top of the new slab will be higher than the stem footing of the house, at a height just below the door threshold (see pic).

1. Is it poor form to pour against the stucco siding (maybe with an expansion joint)? The wood framing would be covered with some sheathing/ waterproof membrane. Or do I need to cut out the stucco.

2. To the right of the door the slab will be 9-12" unless I order some gravel. Ar there any issues with an extra-thick slab? Seems to me it would be quicker and easier to just order an extra yard or 2 of mix vs dealing with gravel. Is steel reinforcement even helpful in such a thick slab without any big loads?

3. I was originally planning to pour the (2) 18"x18"x12" post footings separate (at the corner and middle), then have the patio poured against the cured footings. Any benefits of poring the big patio slab and footings as one?

I'm sure I'll have more questions later, but any advice is appreciated.


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That is strange, usually your porch slab would be poured against your foundation and not your siding. What is the elevation of your foundation wall? Where does it sit in contrast to your patio?
I thought it strange too. You can just make out the top of the foundation in the pic (about 6" below the door threshold). I removed the top step and am planning to put a new patio that extends to the right of the house and up to the door threshold.
It's either place the concrete against the stucco, or cut the stucco out and place it against some other backing attached to the framing.
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