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Concrete Pool Repair

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We purchased a house several years ago with a large inground concrete pool. We have had it open for one year since we have lived here and have not had it open since. The vacuum didn't work so I was unable to keep the pool clean.

I need someone that can give me some info on how to get this fixed or someone in my area that will actually return my calls. I live in Brantford, Ontario.

Thanks for any input.
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Pool advice...

Well i live in Nova Scotia but work in Toronto in the pool biz for more than 20 years and would consider myself close to a expert , so i will try and help. Let's first start off with you giving me a many details as you can. The state of the pool now, how old?? Is there a winter cover on it?? Is the pool green and full of debris?? the surface on the pool painted, look like straight concrete or marbelite whatever you can give me would be great and a picture of your mechanical would be paramount.

I can help too. Run 5 commercial pools. Need the info as noted.
This sounds expensive...I'm in with what little knowledge I've learned too.

Try here too:
Thank you for your reply, but since I had posted this request, I have had someone look at it and is going to repair it for me.... I appreciate your response.

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