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I'm beginning the project of a concrete patio. I'm in the process of taking up the sod (which isn't much since the dogs run hard thru this area) and outlining the patio design with 8" Hardi siding since it has a lot of curves. The total patio area will be about 600 sq ft in addition to the 100 sq ft patio I currently have. The finished project will have a built in firepit, an outdoor kitchen with cement counter tops, all the concrete will be textured to resemble something like slate tile and either stained or colored.

A few questions I have.
1. what size rock do I need as a base and how deep should it be?
2. How wide should my scoring marks be? (some areas are 30 ft across and other areas like the path way are only 4 ft wide?
3. Colored concrete or stain? We are wanting a natural look. Light beige and yellow colors to match the landscaping rocks.
4. wire mesh or rebar?
5. Anything else I should be aware of or plan for?
Thank you for your help.
We live in Austin TX area if that info is needed.
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