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Concrete patio - what to ask contractor?

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We're collecting quotes for a concrete patio slab to replace our paver patio. We've gotten quotes from a couple already, but they're a bit sparse on the details of implementation.

I don't know anything about concrete work so I want to ask them intelligent questions. Can you help me with what I should ask?

- thickness of the slab (want to match height of existing slab outside the door)
- thickness of the gravel (?) under the slab
- details about rebar?

We will also want to build a covered porch over the patio eventually, so I want to make sure the slab they pour is durable. What should I ask specific to this?

Thank you for any pointers.

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You are in Texas, do you have to think about frost in your area? If so and you want to build on it you need a foundation adequate for your climate and soil type. If you have no frost and stable soil you could make the perimeter thicker to support a load later. That thickened perimeter would get a couple of #4 or #5 bars.
Most of my experience is in harsh northern climates. We dig out topsoil because it gets squishy and replace it with #1 crusher run or engineered fill, compacting as we go.
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