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Concrete Patch

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I am working on cleaning up my basement floor. I want to patch some holes. I purachsed hydraulic cement (DRYLOK Fast Lock). The directions mention undercutting, chiseling a "reverse V". Is this necessary for holes I am trying to fill? THanks for taking a look.

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it would help. you need to chip away any and all loose concrete around these holes first. I would then apply a coat of thermo bond (bonding agent) to help the new stick to the old.
thanks for the reply.

never done this before. i am not sure i understand the "reverse V".
it is just a way to open the crack more to allow more cement into the area for the patch. The top of the "v" is at the surface and you are angling the 45 degree cuts into the crack to open it up under the surface more. Not an issue with what you are patching.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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