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Concrete installation and cost

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has anyone ever put in a concrete driveway before? I doing some research for the spring. Its another one of those projects that has been on the back burner for couple of years If anyone could give me pointers that would be awesome!:vs_cool:
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i've done 1 or 2,,, the most important thing is understanding you only get 1 chance to do it right,,, 1 more thing - put it in right side up - its a large pita to turn it right side up if you don't :vs_mad:

that being said, you need to ask more specific questions - howzabout a diy concrete book from your favorite apron/vest store for Christmas gifting to yourself ?
Excavate,form, fill ,compact,vapor, bearier ,6X6X10 and pour.With the info you've given that's the best I can do.
"vapor, bearier" outside? Why on earth woud you do that?

To the OP, as for price, I'd say anywhere from $3.00 to $15.00 a sq. foot with the very limited info you've offered, but don't hold me to it..............
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This is one of those jobs that seems easy to do but there's way more to it then your thinking.
As mentioned it's a one shot deal, done wrong there's just is no going back and fixing it later.
Hire it out.
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that diy conc book's lookin' better'n better, eh ?
Take your pick...
The book stadry mentioned or these videos..
Books are great and can start you from scratch or a redo and very informative. to install concrete driveway video
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Hahaha I will definitely be purchasing a DIY book with $15/square foot investment.. That is in line with what research I have been finding.. Mid to upper tier grade is around $12-20 per square foot..Looks like I will be saving more money for this project.

Thanks for the replies
even in greer, a decent d/w wouldn't be that much - notice they said conc repairs are unavoidable,,, that's horsepuckey if the work's done right the 1st time
this seems like a risky DIY project to me.

interlocking stone is WAY more forgiving and looks great. better suited to DIY. you can also get a huge stash of red bricks on craigs list from old houses on tear down if you look'n for cost saving.
here in atl, conc d/w's about $6 sf incl tearout,,, ggrrrrr ain't that far from us,,, pavers run about $17sf here,,, just sayin'
i was just about to type out that $6sq is fair and matches the quotes i received for my driveway exactly. but then i realized you speaking US dollars... ;)
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