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Concrete, Foam Board then Drywall

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I'm going to begin work on new stairs to my basement. One side of the stairs butts up against the concrete foundation. As it stands now, the stairs are very narrow. Would it be OK to glue 1" foam board to the concrete wall, then glue and tapcon drywall through foam board into concrete, and then install the stringer up against that?

Any other ideas?

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Stringer needs to be held away from the wall to be able to fit the skirt board.
Thanks didn't think about that! But as far as plan with foam and drywall--that's an OK method?
Using furring strips or fully framing on the other side of the foam is the standard method. If you need that extra 3/4"really bad its probably ok. Not sure if space for airflow behind the drywall is needed. Depends on how you have the vapor barrier setup.
Although not ideal, many stairs are installed near the concrete and we have to improvise. I use as much styrofoam as I can (1-2") glued on then glue and tapcon (concrete) screws. Make sure the Glue (adhesive is ok for the concrete to Styrofoam connection, then for the Styrofoam to drywall.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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