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Concrete floor staining/painting DIY

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We were hoping to stain a concrete floor (after ripping up the carpet and carpet padding). However the concrete floor is painted. We were able to get up some of the paint but not all of it, and likely will not be able to get the rest of it up. I know we can paint the floor, but is there any type of paint we could use that we could then put a stain over it. I like the way a stained concrete floor looks better than a painted floor. Help :) Need suggestions. :smile:
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Just not going to happen, stain is just that, it's has to be able to soak into the slab, not just float on top of what ever was on it before.
Why not use a concrete grinder on the floor to get rid of the paint for good? Remove high spots if it isn't level already then apply your stain to the floor. You can use different grinding wheels for different results.
You can rent a floor polisher and coating removal tool from homedepot. This will help to grind off the paint and any carpet glue left on the floor.
I did this last year when I removed vinyl tile and the adhesive from my concrete floors so I could stain them. It works very well, but is hard work.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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