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Concrete drying time?

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Concrete CURING time? w/ new question

Yesterday I poured a landing pad for my deck stairs. 5' x 2' x 6".

I finished around 5 or 6PM.

I just realized I have Friday off work which presents a perfect opportunity to actually finish the stairs. What do you all think - is that enough time for them to dry?

I don't have to walk on the stairs while building them so the load would be minimal if it had to be.

[Thanks guys for reminding me it does not "dry" - it "cures" - I changed the title, not sure why it doesn't show up]
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Well that's certainly good news - thanks :thumbup:
Why, does the pad seem big? Haha.

The stairs are going to be 4' wide.
Great. I will build on Friday then. I'll make sure to keep heavy items off it for as long as possible.
Pulled the form yesterday. Seems nice and solid. By the time tomorrow rolls around I feel fine building the stairs on it.

Side question: Have you guys ever used a grinding wheel or anything like it on a pad? The edges are not "razor sharp" but they are certainly not rounded either - it would be nice to round them off a little bit in case someone comes running up the stairs in bare feet.
Hmm.... very resourceful. I like that!
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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