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Concrete Deck Post removal

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Hi: I am new to this forum. We have recently removed a 24" high wood deck to replace with a set of stairs and a patio . All the wood has been removed and we are left with 8 concrete sono tube forms sticking up from the ground (clay based). They are approx 3 - 4 feet deep into the ground. How does one go about removing them? Do we cut them off at the base? Do we jackhammer them out? Not sure. I got a quote to get a bob cat in to remove and dispose of them and the cost was exorbitant? ($600 for the bobcat & removal - & $400 for the bin and dispose).

Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Is removing them necessary? Will the patio be lower than the top of the piers? What is the material for the new patio? Can you use any of the existing piers to support the new stairs? Pictures might help us make a few suggestions.

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