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concrete color

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i am using basic 60# bag concrete for fence posts. the color of the dried concrete, sometimes it a light gray, almost white. other times its a strong grey.

is there any issues here, and what, if anything, is this telling me ?

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It could be the darker concrete hasn't completely dried yet but it could also be from the sand they used. The color of the sand can change the look of dried cement. I doubt it's anything to worry about.
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could also be portland cement supplier to the bagging co,,, hard to believe but 1 can't match 2 successive transit trucks full of conc from the same plant in the same hr
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Are you mixing in exactly the same amount of water each time?
Are you mixing in exactly the same amount of water each time?
that depends on what you mean by "exactly". am i measuring out my water, no.
but i know what correctly mixed concrete looks and feels like, so i'm pretty close. at least close enough for anything i could need.

anyway, the posts are just fine.
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