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concrete amounts for in ground basketball hoop

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Getting ready to set the pole in the ground for a basketball hoop system. Wondering if a 12in ground sleeve tube down 3 ft will equal the recommended 18in diameter circle down 2 ft. It calls for 6 90lb bags of concrete. The pole sits in the concrete 14.5" deep. I live in North TX .. Wichita Falls area ...Any suggestions or comments for this project would be appreciated. Thanks.
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A little larger diameter, a foot or so deeper and few cheap bags of concrete are cheap compared to replacing it.

People are getting stronger, bigger and more aggressive, so what works today may not be enough for the near future. If it just for some casual shooting, what you suggest may be adequate.

Larger diameter then 18" ? Should i even bother with the sleeve ? Thanks
installed ours as a flagpole - sleeve was encased in conc then b-bal upright inserted into sleeve & that cavity fill'd w/sand,,, work'd well for yrs even in upstate ny where we'd get 3 - 4' of frost,,, come spring, easily straightened :thumbup:
Be sure it is level, winch straps onto pole and nailed to stake in ground. After pour, ck to insure still straight.
If you are going to do a flagpole foundation install, make sure you consider the wind loads on the post. Typical rule of thumb for flagpole in-ground install is 10% the total height of the flagpole. Also consider the frost line. @itsreallyconc makes a good point. Also, if you keep the sand dry between the pole and steel sleeve, the sand should harden to 95% that of concrete and straightening won't be an issue.
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