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Curious if anyone has an opinion on the looks of my new flat roof. I recently had my gutters cleaned and the guys who were cleaning at informed me that the roof edge & gutter installation look suspicious. The flat roof was recently installed by a contractor I hired and I'm not impressed with most of the other work I hired him for (installing new storm door & window replacement) but I don't know anything about roofs.. any tips on what I should be looking for with appropriate or faulty installation? Below are some pictures of the finished work.
New storm door
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Wood Property Road surface Wall Flooring
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Are you fricken kidding me? He wrapped that roof like a toddler wrapping a xmas present. Laughable to see the termination bar underneath.
The window jamb and sill looks like baseboard was used.

This guy can't be a real contractor or tradesman of any sort. Usually roofers need to be licensed with the state, if he is portraying himself as legit but not, there can be criminal charges against him. Start digging with your state's regulatory division.

Sorry you have to go through this hassle.

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Fire your contractor. Looks more like a shoddy handyman job. I’d ask for all my money back because you most certainly got ripped off. You WILL have water issues with that installation.

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First red flag to me even before seeing the pictures was (the other work I hired him for (installing new storm door & window replacement)
Shingle roofs or easy cheap metal roofs is something you MIGHT trust a competent carpenter or handyman to do.
Flat roofs take special skill and knowledge to get right, both aesthetically and functionally.
This installation is so the opposite of that in pretty much all aspects.
Sorry but the above comments are not an exaggeration unfortunately.

No handyman, not even many "roofing" contractors have the knowledge and skill to do flat work. Unfortunately we all run into situations like yours more than we care to.
I suggest you call someone out and specifically make sure they are experienced in single-ply roofing.

BTW 3ott, Imma steal that toddler wrapping a present line...nice.

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any tips on what I should be looking for with appropriate or faulty installation?
To answer your question better after my initial shock, it won't be what you surely want to hear.
All of it is installed wrong, not just in small workmanship details, but in how it is done overall with wrong methods and wrong parts (or lacking parts thereof).
  • The membrane doesn't look adhered properly, and I would also question how the substrate (the plywood/insulation board under the membrane) was done/replaced, and if it slopes where you want it to go. Can't tell from the nightime picture if that is the plywood popping up.
  • The termination at the 2nd floor wall is wrong and with no counterflashing. At the corners of the 2nd floor it will require some flashing shapes as well.
  • You don't wrap the edges of a roof, you stop it at a drip edge. Doing the edge detail properly will naturally eliminate all those "xmas present wrapped ends" that are bulbous, folded, and air-pocketed.
  • Then install a flat board or metal covered fascia, and the gutter attaches through this fascia, not the membrane. The overhang may need some detailing/blocking depending on what is hidden behind the membrane.
With flat roofs, you should hire a licensed roofer who is certified for that particular product. They will know how to do it right and will warranty it. Note that they will not reuse any of the materials that are there now, so all is lost. But better than continually chasing all the rot and leaks that you will get with this current installation.

With the gutter work and interior millwork supporting his ineptitude, it seems as though this person took advantage of you and sold you a bill of expertise that doesn't exist. I am afraid to know how much he took you for. He should not be let back on the property at all. If you are elderly, there is some additional recourse against financial exploitation and consumer fraud. Just don't be embarrassed by it, it happens to people and many have asked advice about contracts/relationships with contractors on this forum.
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