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Compressor tank is leaking---is it worth fixing?

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i have one of those 33 gal Craftsman compressors, probably about 10 years old. it recently started leaking from the bottom, probably rusted through.

is there anywhere i can get a cheap NEW replacement tank, or am i better off just getting a whole new unit?
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How can it be a "ticking time bomb" if the air is already leaking out?

is there anybody that can honestly say they have first hand knowledge of a tank BLOWING UP?? I would think a rusted tank would be ultimetly safer than a non rusted tank, since in the case of being over pressurized it would simply blow out the rusted portion and leak air, rather than blowing up in a rain of pressurized steel shards, as we imagine it happening.

when I was younger ran Jeeps off road and we would use old A/C compressors and tanks to make on-board air set ups. i have seen 1 jeep mounted tank get punctured, and it didn't 'explode" but just leaked. Some guys even built heavy duty tube bumpers that they would use for air storage on their rigs.

i really think the "exploding" compressor tank is more of an urban legend, and the leaking tank is the real mode of failure, but thanks for the warning,
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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