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Compressor Replacement

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I have two central AC systems (gas heat) that were installed in 1991 when the house was built. For the past 4 years the lower unit has made a grinding noise that is coming from the compressor. I suspect the compressor is on its way to wherever compressors go. It cools well; it only makes a disturbing grinding noise. It sound like it has ball bearings in a cylinder.

I am thinking about replacing the compressor myself. I have replaced compressors in automobiles and have the charging paraphernalia. My question is how the lines are connected. The current compressor appears to have its lines either brazed or silver soldered. Actually, I'm just guessing here.

Replacing the compressor seems pretty straightforward other than my lack of knowledge of how the lines are joined. And, unlike a vehicle compressor, it is readily accessible.

Would someone please advise me as to how the lines are connected. Thanks.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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