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Composite fascia and code

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Building a new deck and had planned to wrap all the exposed PT with composite fascia. Most of the pictures I see online of decks with guard posts mounted inside the rim joists show a nice smooth wrap job. Where I am code requires bolts and washers (and tension ties) on the guard posts. I don't find many comments regarding fascia installation and few call out the fact that bolt heads will be in the way of a clean install job. This usually means I'm missing something obvious!

These DTT2Z guard post tension ties are not uncommon so practically everybody who is installing fascia must be dealing with the bolt heads somehow. I would have thought the manufacturers had a solution for this but they just said to countersink the bolts, which I read is not advised due to weakening the connection. Shimming is the obvious solution, but if so why aren't the shims provided with the fascia?

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You can recess the trim with spade bit for the bolt heads. There are spade bits with short pilot so that you don't punch through the trim. Wider bit would give you room for adjustments. Dremmel or router would make that easier.
I see a lot of rotting facia because they were nailed directly to the lumber. No drain/air space. I would plan the deck so that I could use 1/2" cleats between the lumber and the finish, which also takes care of bolt heads.
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