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Composite decking - opinion

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I am building a deck 22' x 16' 24" high. I've looked at cedar, PT decking and composite. I know the cost difference but am more concerned with fading, workability of the material, and claim to fame about it being "maintenance free". Any opinions would be appreciated.
We are in a northern climate so ice andsnow may be a factor.
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Just finishing building the railings for our new deck. I went with Cedar for the entire deck for the following reason:

With composite, I would need to wash with mold cleaning detergents once or twice a year and hose down afterwards. Probably 1 day work each time. With Cedar with SuperDeck stain product, I will have to wash once a year, then every 2-3 years, wash and use a brightener, then restain. Overall, 1-2 days work on average per year (SuperDeck does not require sanding prior to reapplication), with perhaps 1-2 days to reapply stain every 2-3 yrs.

Cedar remains cooler even in very warm temps, whereas composites usually get very hot to walk on when hot summer days arrive.

Cedar has that beautiful smell after each rain, that gives it that special something. Plus the natural wood feel and texture is great.

Plus, I can customer design my railing (can customer route designs/edges/patterns, etc) with cedar material.

Of course, Composite does have some nice points, but many people consider it maintenance free. It isn't. No deck material is. It does require a wash with mold inhibitors/cleaners to prevent black spotting under humid conditions, you can't refinish it if you do stain it with BBQ grease, wine, etc. The newer PVC decking does resist this better, but most composites on the market do not.

I've always liked the natural wood look smell, and feel better than plastic/composite, etc. But just my 2cents.

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The PVC doesn't fade. There reliaboard composite will slightly
How much TimberTech have you installed?
I've installed alot.
The boards fade slightly.
It's not as pronounced as others, but it does fade.
I actually like the Reliaboard.
I installed a s**tload of it on a home that was on pilings so all of the decking was high. I thought the underside looked sweet. Looked like it was beaded.

The only board that I have installed that I didn't see fade is the EverGrain. But didn't do very much of that.

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The fluted underside is to save on material. The thickness of the board is less as well I believe it is .94 of an inch whereas the PVC is a true inch and it's slightly wider. To answer you question probably 4000-5000 sq ft of reliaboard.
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