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My entire house has white 18x18 ceramic tile installed in a diamond pattern. When I bought the place I had laminate installed over in everywhere except the kitchen and two bathrooms because I despise white tile. Now I'm ready to do a partial remodel of the bathroom and need to remove the existing tile to lay down something I dont hate. Since the tile is laid in the diamond pattern I need to remove the threshold to the laminate and cut two of the tiles. How do I cut tiles that are already installed?

My second question relates to the wall tile that they have used as base trim. Is there a way to remove this without destroying the wall?

I've never done any work with tile before (though I do have experience with stained glass). The only way I can do this remodel is if I do the work myself so I am really hoping this is something I can handle on my own.


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I would use an angle grinder with a diamond blade---that will get all but the right and left few inches---a cold chisel will break off the last bit ---

This will be dusty---I do have a slower speed wet cutting circular saw---pressing a wet sponge against the blade would turn the dust into wet mud--but water under that laminate could cause damage--so dry cutting is the way to go.
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