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So I got a free load of 15yds of fill. It turned out to be 15yrds of wet clay :mad:. How the heck do I dry it out to create a suitable foundation for a large patio and 385gal spa???

The Job: (1 of 2) I have to raise grade from 0 to 2.5ft for the spa then Im putting 6in compacted QP. Problem is what I have now is 2.5ft grading up to 0 of wet clay. I know clay compacts terrible and know that I have to mix in layers of 3/4-1in stone to combat this mess. Has anyone heard of any other ideas to dry up the clay so it won't expand/shrink? Ive heard of making concrete soil by mixing cement then compacting but not sure and dont want to move 15yrd of clay into the woods.

(2 of 2) The paver patio will be approx 16' x 16'. Same issue here. The grade must raise 30'. A retaining wall will be used but Im worried as heck about the structural foundation of the clay. A bar approx 10' will sit on the portion just above the retaining wall so alot of weight will be sitting on 30' of clay/QP/stone dust. Will that soil concrete work?

Thanks for the help!

Ref: Design/soilcement2.pdf
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