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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

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I have to ask this on this forum, particularly if anyone in Georgia has had this problem.
I recently received a registered letter from the "Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles" informing me that they are aware that I hold two (2) business licenses in two (2) different counties to do my "Household HandyMan" business but that I do not have "Commercial Vehicle Insurance" on my truck.
I checked with my insurance company and they told me that YES I was required to carry Commercial Vehicle Insurance (CVI) if I used my truck to do my business. A conversation via phone with the state and I was informed that even if my business was located other than my house I would need the CVI to just drive to and from an office.
My HandyMan business is like a hobby, not a bread winner job. I work if I want to, don't work if'n I don't want to. I always shut down at the first of November through February each year also.
Now I have a letter from the state informing me that I have not sent them proof of CVI and they have notified the local Sheriff's Office to come and take my tag from my truck until such time as I do provide them proof of CVI, and that my registration for my tag has been revoked.
I checked on this and my insurance people say this can be done. Now--Commercial Vehicle Insurance will cost me $1420 annually, on top of my $1200 for insurance covering my truck for personal use, my motorcycle and my camper, all in a package. Just too much to continue to carry on my part-time hobby business for me.
I'm human and can't help wondering if all these people in my area who have businesses actually carry CVI on there vehicle they drive to and from an office.
Just absurd in my opinion.
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Thurman, I have not received anything like that.
My truck insurance is cheaper on it's own commercial policy than it was on my regular policy. Maybe you need to shop around.
My truck insurance is cheaper on it's own commercial policy than it was on my regular policy. Maybe you need to shop around.
Same here, my insurance costs went DOWN when I placed my original trucks under a commercial property. This includes three other listed drivers as well, most of them relatively young, but all with good driving records. Shoot, I pay less than $1400 a year to insure our 26K pound dump truck.........:yes:
Best rate I found and I checked out 4 differant companys was the one that begins with Pro and had to talk to Flo about it.:thumbsup:
I don't know how things work in GA, but just out of curiosity, is your truck registered on you personally, or on your business? Does it have commercial plates or just regular personal plates?

It seems unreasonable that one can't drive a personal vehicle for a side business like yours.
The truck's clear title is in my name, not the company. The truck has a Georgia prestige plate on it with my name, not the company. I have now checked with another insurance company and they also tell me that I need to have Commercial Vehicle Insurance if I will be conducting business with my truck and this will be on top of my private vehicle insurance.
A bit more info: I am retired, have a part time job and do the HandyMan business on Thursdays and Fridays and only when I want to do work.
"jbfan", I do understand that you are in the Newnan area. I pass through there once a month on my way to visit family in Roswell. I don't have any idea how the State got onto this situation and notified me. I wish they had not. I've now been notified that I owe $125.00 per year for five (5) years of conducting business without CVI. That pretty well kills it for me. My trailer is parked, will remain parked, I will not renew my business license's under these conditions.
To whom do you allegedly owe this $125 a year? The state? What would they do if you simply don't pay it? Whole situation sounds goofy to me.
@ "md2lgyk"--The monies are owed to the "Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles" by January 15 th. I requested, by registered mail, a copy of something in writing which the State of Georgia uses to determine what a "Commercial Vehicle" is. I got this answer--in writing--"A commercial vehicle is any vehicle used for the transportation of goods and/or passengers for hire". IMO: Under this description, any personal vehicle used to transport even groceries from the store to your home would be a commercial vehicle. As for "passengers for hire"--I've never hired anyone to be a passenger. Just a bad joke there. Ironically my local Tax Assessor's office came up with printed documentation from the State of Georgia which describes a "Commercial Vehicle" as "A means of transporting goods or persons for hire by a vehicle which weighs not less than 12,000 pounds and is licensed as a Commercial Vehicle within the County in which it is operated". Oh Well, just another day working with/against the Government.
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It's really weird that the DMV didn't give you a proper reference to the laws regarding commercial vehicles when you sent that request in writing.

This whole thing sounds unreasonable. I'd try to find someone who knows Georgia motor vehicle law as it pertains to small business to help you. Maybe your local chamber of commerce or someone like that would be able to shed some light on this for you.

Good luck...
my interpretation to counter you grocery issue. expand the definition a bit, transportation of goods for hire and/or transportation of passengers for hire.
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