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My furnace has been acting weird the last 24 hours. Not sure I can completely articulate what has been going on as I haven't documented it well.

Yesterday my wife said the furnace wouldn't come on and the house smelled like gas. A neighbor and I messed with it - I believe we essentially lit the pilot light by unplugging it, hitting a switch, and putting the panels back on.

I did not count the number of blinks, but the green light was flashing very rapidly before we got it to work again.

Was good for about 24 hours.

Had the same issue tonight, but it only stayed on for a few minutes. When I initially looked at the furnace it was blinking four times, which lead me to believe it was the filter. I had just replaced it a week ago, so working backwards I assumed that had to be the culprit. I put in a new filter, but no dice. It is currently blinking seven times and will not come on.
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