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ComfortMaker Draft Enducer Issue?

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I have a 2 year old Comfortkeeper furnace that recently gave the 3 green light code for a stuck open/closed pressure switch. I went through all the normal checks and then checked the small drain line the goes into the cement floor with a small whole cut just for that drain. I could get it to reset by powering off then on and calling for heat. Originally I could get it to cycle one time then it would throw the code again. Now after picking up that drain I can drain a small amount of water, say 1/4 of a cup or less. When doing so I can reset the furnace and get it to run fine with no code for a few days again and it will then throw the code again. Then I do the same again and it will again work fine for a few days. I am assuming there may be some water or issue in the draft Enducer? If so on a 2year old furnace what could I be looking for outside of checking the Enducer and drainage tubing that what I am doing would have this effect? I have not don't anything internally to the furnace just check vent pipe and that drain for blockage. Any ideas?
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Well this keeps getting fun did all you said and still had the issue so called to have it serviced. They found water in the Enducer motor and drained everything out. Everything worked fine for about a week no we are back to square one. They also replaced the pressure switch just because it was on warranty and to be safe. Here is something I found and need feed back I found a bathroom leak to our tub. It happens to be leaking onto an air duct that I believe is a duct for air intake. It was a bigger leak every time the tub was usedit was leaking pretty good. This duct slants slightly to the furnace. Is it at all possible for water to get into that an be taken into the furnace and causing the large amounts of water I am seeing? Also I notice water in the vent pic pipe? Am I on to something or should o cal them back out?
Check that it could be the outgoing as well now that I look at it better
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